Thursday, October 29, 2015

Weekly top 5: Writing Prompt Lists

I'm not a natural writer; although, I do love writing. Starting to write is hard for me but once I get the first few sentences out of my brain and onto the page I'm good to go. Sometimes I do need ideas on what to write about, often looking to writing prompts I find on the web. The following are blogs that offer great writing prompts and inspire me frequently.

1. HubPages: 100 Short Story Writing Prompts: This is a great collection of prompts that will help get those creative juices flowing to be able to finish that short story that has been playing in your head for years.

2. The Daily Post: Daily Prompts: This is an interesting layout as it looks like a calendar with a prompt on each day. 

3. Sacha Black: Writespiration: This website is the home of author Sacha Black. She has blog posts that are entitled "Writespiration" in which she lists the prompt and then writes about it. I love this website because I get to read how different prompts bring up different ideas for people.

4. BlogHer: NaBloPoMo Writing Prompts: I have not used this website for prompts, but it looks very interesting!

5. New York Times: 500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing: This is a great source of finding writing prompts about childhood memories, food, politics. This is a great place to start when beginning to write.

Do you get writers block? Where do you draw inspiration to write?

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