Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mathematics Curriculum Choices to Check Out for Homeschool Newbies

When first starting out on the homeschooling journey it can be an overwhelming task researching what math curriculum to choose. A friend of mine recently started homeschooling and I sent her links to a few of my favorite math curriculum.

 3 free, 3 affordable, 3 supplemental online


  • Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool This is a COMPLETE K-12, FREE curriculum. Lee, the author, has homeschooled her children for free for years and has put together what she has taught her children. It’s also meant to be more of an independent study, teaching children to be proactive in starting and continuing their work, asking for help when they need to. But it’s all written out to the day on what they need to do, so there isn’t ANY planning on your part…unless you want to add in more. The math is great as well and you can choose whatever level they need to be at and progress as quickly or as slowly as they need to.
  • Ray's Arithmetic – This curriculum was used in the early 19th and 20th centuries. Teach intensive, and develops a strong sense of mental math.
  • KHAN Academy—Early math through calculus! Free, independent, keeps track of their progress, and you can assign specific problems. Eli does this for 30 minutes a day.


  • Teaching Textbooks $$ – computer based, workbook optional. Keeps grades for you. Independent work. 
  • Beast Academy $ – textbooks and workbooks in comic book style. (currently available for 3rd , 4th –they are rolling our more over the next year.) This is what I picked up for Eli.
  • Math Mammoth $ – printable, affordable…I do think it follows common core, but YOU’RE the teacher…you can change it up if you want to. 


  • Prodigy Game free - $ for membership —virtual wizarding world…You battle other players by answering math questions. Teacher/parent has the option to plan out what math subjects are covered and for how long.
  • FunBrain - free —We haven't used this too much, but my kids often navigate to it in their free time to play their games. It really doesn't feel like they are doing school since they are playing games and having fun!
  • IXL - free - $ membership — I like this website because it has all of the subjects listed out and you can choose specifically what you want your child to work on.

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