Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's About Learning to Love Learning!

I love that i can slow down with my kids if they aren't catching on to something. Instead of pushing them through to the next subject just to stay on schedule or bogging them down with more homework.

My kids are learning at a pace that doesn't stress them out. They are being kids and in that process they are learning. I'm a firm believer that subject/concepts don't match up to grades or an age...they match to the child's ability and desire to learn...not matter what their grade/age.

The purpose of our homeschool is not learning everything at specific times.

Instilling a life long ability to learn what is needed. Without knowing how to self-educate, and not rely on other people to tell us what we should know, how is someone supposed to advance themselves?

We are an unhurried homeschool. We have a plan that will cover all of the vital learning concepts...just not at the same time as their public school peers.

We are individuals who need an individualized learning path. As humans we have physical and mental similarities, but each and every one of us is an individual who learns differently than each other. Even people who have the same learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) have different ways of learning.

Each one of my children has a different learning style that evolves over time. I cater to these styles. I'm constantly teaching myself, through research, how to teach my children. Part of this research is talking to my children about how they feel about what and how they are learning. I have the ultimate say on what goes on in our homeschool...but they also have the freedom to tell me what they would like to learn. They have to freedom to share ideas on how they would like to learn something. I put learning in their hands...I'm here to guide them in their exploration of learning the world around them and what they need to know to be successful, productive, adults.

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  1. Love this post! It is so true that every child needs their own individualized learning path in order to love learning. You are doing a great job! Many blessings to you!


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